Thursday, 23 February 2012

Just For Fun

I know Carpets may not be the most interesting subject to blog about but I do try and make it as interesting as possible and these 2 comments sent to me via friends on facebook made me smile.

From Gav
"To be fair cookie, I am somewhat disappointed. I had an invite to attend a monster truck rally, bloody Grave Digger was gonna be there! Instead I choose to stay in and read your blog. As I settled down in my weary underpants and kicked back... with a nice glass on Buckfast I was visibly salivating in anticipation of discovering the difference between a saxony plush and a cut loop pile carpet. I physically wretched ( on my engineered hardwood floor) when I realized that there was to be no mention of the above. Buck up the blog mate. I want some practical tips on where to start laying carpet tiles in a dog legged room."

From Rab
"If you are taking suggestions; a blog on how to remove nicotine chewing gum from an office floor tile if you had already run over it a couple of times with your chair and then tried to hide it by colouring it in with marker pen. Just off the top of my head..."

Well it cant all be Work and no play can it. I may well blog about removing chewing gum soon. And Im sure I can do one on the difference between a saxony and a cut and loop pile.

Lifestyle Floors

Lifestyle Floors have really started to do what they set out to do. Ok you could say they have maybe gone over the top with their stands, and maybe have missed the mark with some ranges put they still have many great ranges that seem to sell well. When the Lifestyle floor was launched, I for one was not giving it much hope and felt it was not going to be around long. but they have done well and to be honest the stands do look great in our shop.

Black Out Blinds

Now available in store.
16 colours to choose from.

60cm £15
90cm £20
120 cm £25
180cm £35
210cm £45
240cm £55
*all blinds come as a standard 170cm Drop.
Call 01394 283518